Generative Knowledge-based Bills of Material for Engineered-To-Order Industry

In the Engineered-To-Order (ETO) industry, manufacturing companies have to make their customers feel as though the company is a personal engineering design center exclusive to that customer.At the same time they struggle with the challenge of achieving a high degree of re-use across customers to reduce the design costs and improve the margin

Improving the User Experience of Teamcenter® Active Workspace Client

The Active Workspace client for Teamcenter presents the user with only PLM information related to module or tile selected. With OOTB Teamcenter Active Workspace client, user faces the key challenges of usability and integration with Teamcenter Visualization.There is a need to provide a user interface, which helps user in getting required information with minimum clicks and navigations.

Smart Deployment Methodology for Teamcenter®

In global deployments with a user base located in multiple sites across the globe with different time zones, it is always challenging to bring down the production system for more than 12 hours even during the weekend. Teamcenter upgrades and deployments during the production release have become a daunting job for the IT teams to finish on-time without having any impact on the business.

Creating an Automation Framework to make “Record and Play Automation” practical for Test Use Cases

For any application, one of the major tasks for its smooth usage is the performance of functional testing. Within functional testing as well, the determinant of quality of the test lies in the design of its test cases. However, the majority of effort is spent on execution of test cases. These efforts further multiply with the increase of configurations to be tested. In addition, the task is repetitive (testing required in cycles) and prone to human errors. Also, project(s) need to make a difficult choice on which platform to test during a cycle. Test automation offers a way to handle the above issues. Using automation also creates bandwidth for the resource to concentrate on improving the design of test cases.

Customizing your View – Improving the Teamcenter® Experience

Teamcenter® has various modules which store data pertaining to a business object, both Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) and Custom. Users of Teamcenter® spend a lot of overhead time trying to view data from various modules.

Impact of Adaptive Manufacturing on PLM in the Automotive Domain

Automotive manufacturers are adapting to new manufacturing processes where the product is more modular and highly customizable. These changes reflect the modern business and customer needs where the focus is on the individual desires rather than requirements for mass production. Mass production processes are being replaced by techniques that enable manufacturing systems to support the higher modularity and customization in today’s vehicles.

Recent Additive Manufacturing Trends

Abstract: Use of Additive Manufacturing is seeing new frontiers like printing bio-inspired light weight designs for aerospace and automotive applications, carbon fibre reinforced plastic printing, smart part manufacturing by 3D electronics printing and AM, hybrid machines with metal laser sintering and milling capabilities, etc. An insight into these new developments is given in this paper. These additive manufacturing techniques can bring in unmatched efficiencies in manufacturing new products.