Systems Engineering

Integrated Systems Engineering

Requirements driven multi-disciplinary model based engineering has emerged as the most effective strategy for designing and managing complex systems over their life cycles. It requires synchronization of the development cycles across engineering disciplines and sharing of relevant data at the beginning of the development process to enable convergence between the individual disciplines. Integrated Systems Engineering calls for seamless interaction of mechanical, electronics and software domains. When successfully done, companies can optimize the behavioral and functional attributes of their products.

Effective organization-wide adoption of a Systems Engineering paradigm requires changes within the organization, and also involves forging new partnerships and rethinking supplier integration strategies. Companies need to think holistically about the implementation as it will impact people (skills, organization structure and commitment), processes, technology, and deployment. PLM platforms need to accommodate Systems Engineering from a requirements driven model based design perspective, providing bidirectional traceability and associativity so that everyone along the value stream has a good understanding of the risks of the decisions they make and the impact those decisions have against the requirements of the product. Implementation of a Systems Engineering strategy can be a daunting task as it requires new best practices and methods, tools and organizational support.

Proven automotive concepts, like the AUTOSAR software architecture for electronic control units, controller area network (CAN) and automotive Ethernet, are now being placed into tractors, harvesters, mining equipment and construction machines at an accelerating rate. Leveraging its automotive experience, Geometric supports manufacturers of off-highway vehicles in developing and testing new system architectures, advanced mechatronic functionality and superior operator-machine interfaces, up to autonomous and connected equipment. Partner with Geometric to create and sustain your competitive advantage.

  • Systems Engineering Readiness Assessment
  • Impact Assessment on AS-IS Process and TO-BE Process Definition
  • Systems Engineering Roadmap
  • Application Rationalization
  • Teamcenter Systems Engineering
  • V6 Systems Engineering
  • Data Exchange Integrations
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Functional Modelling
  • Behavior Modelling
  • Multi-disciplinary Simulation
  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded Systems