Teamcenter-DELMIA Integration

Teamcenter DELMIA IntegrationWorldwide product companies are embracing Digital Manufacturing as a strategic direction, to substantially increase productivity and reduce costs. While Digital Manufacturing can be utilized in a standalone manner, it gives best results when it is integrated into the PLM solution deployed. This approach facilitates collaboration between the design and manufacturing streams, thus decreasing the cycle times, and thereby, reducing the time-to-market and overall costs. However, in order to achieve this collaboration between design, engineering and manufacturing, companies face a number of challenges including support for concurrent engineering by integrating the product development process with the digital manufacturing processes; access to latest product information and configuration data in the Manufacturing domain; and facilitation of collaborative change management between Engineering and Manufacturing domains.Teamcenter-DELMIA Integration is an enterprise product that provides process driven integration for exchanging design, engineering and manufacturing data between Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter platform and Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Manufacturing Hub.

Product features include the ability to exchange and synchronize Engineering Bill-of-Materials, bi-directional manufacturing assembly exchange, and support for collaborative change management processes across the systems. It helps customers by enabling a unified product reference, availability of latest and in-context product information for manufacturing users, and enabling an early validation of engineering changes from the manufacturing perspective, thus substantially reducing the change cycle-times and the associated costs to incorporate such changes.