Product Innovation (PI) Orange County 2016

Booth: #14

Date: November 17-18, 2016

Location: Monarch Beach Resort, CA

Event Details :

Two days for the manufacturing industry to explore data-led innovation strategy. PI’s mission is “to facilitate innovation by empowering the world’s manufacturers with the knowledge to transform their data collection, management and analysis into actionable intelligence through the shared experience of peers and industry pioneers. For more information, please visit

Geometric at the Event:
Louis Pascarella, Chief Technology Officer will discuss the model for improving the three critical dimensions for data value key, to enabling data driven innovation strategy.
Historically, enterprise applications solutions have been developed to support the authoring user community but have had minimal impact on data consumption and process enablement.  As manufacturers have grown both geographically and organizationally, information systems have struggled with constraints which reduce context and visibility while increasing latency – the three critical dimensions for data value.

In this session, Louis Pascarella defines a Data Sharing Value Model for improving the “Latency/Context/Visibility” of data by creating a Digital Thread platform which enables and maintains Digital Twins.

The discussion will show how to marry new technologies & methods; e.g.’ IOT, IIOT, MBSE, with existing authoring systems and data repositories enabling
  • Synthesizing of data to information to knowledge
  • Assignment of context for global understanding
  • Increased availability to consumers
  • Cross domain validations; design intent, quality, performance, reliability