The automotive industry is witnessing a remarkable transformation as it reinvents itself for both the next generation consumer and its next technology-driven journey. Automotive executives are increasingly faced with critical decisions that will define the winning strategies to simultaneously respond to traditional business improvement demands, compete with disruptive entrants and remain poised to take advantage of the next business growth opportunities. Success will be determined by the ability of organizations to accelerate innovation, intensify collaboration and identify cost improvements. The current legacy enterprise systems, business processes and internal expertise are incapable of enabling the necessary transformation.
The Thinking Partner Enabling your Transformation Strategies

Geometric combines both deep domain knowledge and technology expertise as it partners with automotive leaders, empowering them to respond to the changing business dynamics through:
  • Process Transformation – New product development processes for integrating software and electronic content
  • Partner Collaboration – Timely realization of partnerships to gain access to local markets, technology and resources
  • Next Generation PLM Strategies – Digital thread roadmap for seamlessly connecting engineering, manufacturing, service and usage to deliver an optimized customer experience
  • Informed Product Cost Decisions – Systematic cost control opportunities to offset regulation and feature driven content costs
  • Autonomous Capabilities – Increasing demands for sophistication in processing of autonomous vehicle surroundings