Re-imagining PLM strategies in digital thread era!

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  • The need for next generation PLM, industry drivers and preparing for the ‘product innovation platform’
  • Digital thread vision for better service and future innovation and ultimately creating ‘digital fabric’
  • Recommendations for manufacturers to prepare for this disruptive transformation and leverage their existing PLM investments

Reducing Cost of Quality with Teamcenter CAPA

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  • An overview of our Teamcenter Issue Management and CAPA solution
  • Brings quality into mainstream product and manufacturing engineering
  • Achieving the quality goals within a cost constraint

Single BOM across the Enterprise – A Dream or Reality?

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  • Current challenges and concurrent trends in BOM Management
  • Global best practices of BOM management and a modular multifaceted model approach for Single Enterprise BoM
  • Industry success story – Experiences, achievements and critical success factors of implementing a single BOM approach
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Industry State Adoption of Model-Based System Engineering

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  • Industry state adoption of model based systems engineering
  • MBSE adoption challenges in terms of People, Process and Technology
  • Recommendations to global manufacturers for adopting model  based systems engineering approach

Paperless Manufacturing – Bringing Engineering and Manufacturing on the same page and at the same time

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  • How companies can save time and money by eliminating 2D drawings and paper based processes in manufacturing
  • How to make the transition into a digital 3D Model based environment
  • Automation solutions for faster generation and regeneration of 3D manufacturing and engineering documents

How to Make Informed Design Decisions to Avoid Costly Manufacturing Mistakes

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  • Common causes of waste in design and manufacturing and economic impact
  • DFX Tools and best practices to correct design errors early enough in the cycle
  • Representative examples of companies saving millions of dollars with this approach

A Roadmap for Successfully Adopting Model-Based Enterprise

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  • Key trends and insights on Model-Based Enterprise from leading analyst firm, Lifecycle Insights
  • Roadmap for effective adoption of Model-Based Enterprise
  • Examples of leading enterprises who have successfully adopted Model-Based Enterprise