Geometric and PTC

Geometric has been a Gold Tier Partner to PTC since 2004.

Geometric Products on PTC product suite

Our engineering productivity solutions viz. eDrawings Publisher and GeomCaliper, are available on Creo Parametric platforms. This is representative of the strength of our relationship with PTC and our expertise on PTC product suite.

  • DFMPro : A tool to check Design for Manufacturability
  • eDrawings Publisher : A lightweight intuitive collaboration tool for 3D models
  • GeomCaliper® : Integrated and automated thickness checker for models

Our footprint within the PTC ecosystem

Our knowledge and experience spreads across various PTC products viz. Pro/ ENGINEER, Pro/ TOOLKIT, Pro/ INTRALINK, Windchill PDMLink, ProjectLink and FlexPLM. Our offerings in consulting, customization, upgrades, enterprise integrations (direct, SOA and web services based), training, administration and application management services help us in empowering our customer’s PLM intent across multiple industries.

Windchill/ Pro/ Intralink Pro/ ENGINEER
Application Development
  • Customization
  • Application Development
  • Pro/Toolkit
  • Customization
Application Management
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • integration (CAD/ERP)
  • Helpdesk & Support
  • Maintenance
  • Inegration to PDM
  • Helpdesk & Support
Design and Engineering
  • CAD Vaulting
  • Data Migration
  • 3D Modeling
  • QA/ Testing
  • Helpdesk