Automatic identification of geometry differences between 3D CAD models
Identifying and managing change in Geometry is an important aspect of design or manufacturing process. There exists a need to identify differences in geometry between similar 3D parts or same part in different stages of its evolution, quickly and accurately. GeomDiff technology is a solution from Geometric, which compares differences in geometry between two or more CAD models. GeomDiff technology works on B-rep data and allows easy and accurate comparison of geometrical features. The solution has both automatic and interactive feature to allow users in optimizing the comparison process.
Salient Features
  • Identifying different or unique faces and edges
  • Identifying overlapping faces
  • Assemblies or multiple lump parts can be compared
  • Surface simplification module
  • ONLY topological differences can be known (e.g. change in hole diameter)
  • Can work on imported solids
  • User defined tolerances can be set
The applications of GeomDiff Technology can be over the following areas: Conception / Pre-Design: Macro level changes in the product conception stage can be easily found out and comparison of changes towards finished design can be found.
Product Design
The product design phase fine-tunes the product, at the same time bringing out number of modifications. GeomDiff can pinpoint on these changes so as to aid functionality and performance analysis. Two versions of product designs can be compared accurately using GeomDiff; a one-button solution.
Any changes in product geometry, conventionally, brings about change in the manufacturing process; machining setup, tool selection /dimensions and sequence of operations. Using GeomDiff, the setup overhaul can be eased by making only appropriate local changes -considerable labor and time saved! InspectionGeomDiff can aid in visualization and comparison with baseline geometry model and ideal design geometry for quick benchmarks and inspection verification.
  • Savings in time by avoiding laborious manual comparison of geometry
  • Improvements in productivity in design and manufacturing stages of product life cycle
  • Improved quality with accurate comparison of geometry
  • GeomDiff technology is available as a library over the Parasolid Kernel and can be ported to other geometry kernels.