Heavy engineering machinery manufacturers are adopting PLM solutions to reduce product design cycle time. The globally competitive scenario has made it imperative for companies in the heavy engineering equipment manufacturing space to introduce greater degrees of reliability and precision in the products manufactured. This has been the key driver for acceptance of PLM solutions in this industry. Also, with the marketplace changing rapidly and competition becoming intense, it is imperative for companies to differentiate their product offerings and be first in the marketplace.

Geometric enables clients to gain this competitive advantage and expand market share by providing world class solutions and services in the product design and engineering space. Product development is an intricate and complex process, involving various activities across multiple functions. Today, there is an increasing demand for developing products with additional functions at low costs. PLM has already brought about significant changes in the functioning of the heavy engineering industry, bringing it closer to achieving its objectives. Prior to going in for a PLM solution, the heavy engineering industry depended on manual drawing boards, making documentation not only a laborious task but also prone to errors.

Geometric’s offerings in the heavy engineering space span the entire manufacturing life-cycle. We boast of in-depth expertise across the entire scale of requirements of the heavy engineering industry including design, automation, engineering, analysis and product development.

Geometric assists clients in the areas of product design and development, from concept and design to product layout, prototyping, component design, testing and validation services. Some of our key offerings are legacy conversions, modeling, drafting, assembly, fabrication design and collaborative product engineering. Geometric offers a blended expertise in CAD technology and software development to offer customized solution for specific applications.

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The solutions and services offered by Geometric make it easier for manufacturers to introduce variations in the engineering designs while simultaneously updating all other teams about the same.

Geometric helps clients reduce design cycle time as well as introduce design variations in real time. Our solutions helps clients streamline the manufacturing process and thus meet customer specifications at short notice.

Design accounts for a major part of the overall cost of manufacturing. Geometric’s PLM solutions not only help manufacturers reduce the cost of designing a product but also calculate product development costs. Our solutions and services help manufacturers reduce the design cycle time resulting in reduced project implementation cycles and costs. The efficient revision management facilitated by PLM solutions has led to the availability of revised designs in the right place and at the right time.

In today’s competitive atmosphere where collaboration between OEMs and their partners and suppliers is a prerequisite to successful project completion, it is imperative to share data. However, clients can now effectively address this challenge by deploying PLM solutions. Geometric’s PLM solutions enable formation of a centralized system whereby the entire product life-cycle chain, those within the organization as well as external ones such as suppliers, partners and customers can capture, control, evaluate and leverage product design and manufacturing information. Geometric’s solutions facilitate collaboration among product teams spread across geographies. Our solutions help improve product innovation, cost-efficiency, time-to-market and product quality by providing a real-time collaborative workspace.

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Bühler AG

Geometric made a significant contribution towards improvement in productivity and service level at Buhler.Their collaborative way of working enabled us to integrate PLM application across our global locations and communicate with our global users timely. Geometric is very proactive and their commitment towards their customers is exemplary. Read More >>