Industrial Heavy Equipment and Machinery Industry

A sluggish economy and plummeting commodity prices have had a punishing effect on manufacturers of equipment for oil and gas, construction, mining and agriculture. Buyers of these products are being cautious with their capital investments, keeping older equipment in service longer, buying replacements only when absolutely necessary. And yet, the market is demanding that the same technological advancements seen in other industries, such as automotive, also be offered for heavy industrial equipment. Geographic information systems (GIS), GPS, and 3D models enable automated machinery operation and real-time kinematic (RTK) technology to achieve extremely accurate strip-till fertilizing and seeding. Utilization of 3D printing technologies facilitates expansion into aftermarket support. These are but a few of the technological demands being placed on Industrial Heavy Equipment and Machinery manufacturers. This results in major challenges for equipment manufacturers to balance R&D investment with the realities of a stagnant or slowly growing market.
The Thinking Partner Enabling Innovation, Optimization and your Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Geometric has a long history of successfully partnering with Industrial Equipment manufacturers to innovate design, optimize production and create sustainable competitive advantage through:

  • Plant Floor Optimization – Industrial IoT-driven monitoring and analytics for more efficient manufacturing operations
  • Process Transformation – Evolved product development processes to support integration of software and electronic components
  • Next Generation PLM Strategies – Digital thread roadmap to seamlessly connect engineering, manufacturing, service and usage to deliver an optimized customer experience
  • Informed Product Cost Decisions – Systematic cost control opportunities to offset regulation and feature driven content costs
  • Autonomous Capabilities – Technology to enable improved precision and remote operation of field equipment

Hear Nambi Chandrasekaran, Global Practice Leader Industrial Business, Discuss his thoughts on how industrial equipment manufacturers are adapting to the slowdown in the industry