Product Engineering

Global manufacturers are increasingly challenged to rapidly and efficiently innovate, both to meet market demands for features and functionality and to respond to ever shortening product lifecycles. With software led differentiations outpacing mechanical advancements in manufacturing, traditional product development processes are set for a change. These changes are putting significant pressures on manufactures to optimize the product realization value stream. To successfully adapt, manufacturers need to :

  • Increase leverage of digitization across product realization
  • Find newer approaches for maximizing efficiencies throughout the product realization lifecycle
  • Apply informed cost removal strategies
  • Rethink product development collaboration strategies

Geometric has been closely working with leading global manufacturers enabling their engineering strategies. With our unique blend of solutions and technologies focused on engineering and manufacturing process optimization and driving measurable business results across the product realization lifecycle, Geometric is uniquely positioned to be your partner of choice to enable your product engineering goals.

Global OEMs looking to fully realize the potential of new markets are increasingly challenged to adapt their products for emerging geographies and at the same time, meet target product cost…

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Collaborative Product Development
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Value Engineering Analytics
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