Product Cost Management

Product Cost Management goes well beyond just controlling your production costs. Enabling a holistic product cost management strategy begins with optimization of the product design – validation of product manufacturability and validation against LEAN principles. The process continues with an estimate of what the parts and product should cost by evaluating supplier selection, equipment and packaging requirements, manufacturing region nuances, and shipping and logistics costs. Product Cost Management requires a deep understanding and analysis of your market, from geographic competitiveness, through regional capability analyses, to optimizing the machine versus labor balance. Cost Management entails enabling a supplier segmentation strategy that evaluates strategic partnerships, regional considerations and supplier health.Product Cost Management requires tremendous effort and analysis. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Geometric has experience providing extensive analyses of the manufacturing costs of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies used in the Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive and Construction industries. You can depend on us to help you define your product cost strategies and optimize the design, manufacturing and sourcing of your products.