Manufacturing Engineering

The manufacturing sector is struggling to keep up with the emerging and advancing trends driven by the latest innovative technologies. From adoption of the SMAC Stack (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), to leveraging IoT/IIoT for enabling features such as condition-based maintenance, to additive manufacturing (3D printing), the options and subsequent pressures for manufacturers to adopt the latest and greatest technology seem to be limitless. In addition, manufacturers must balance this pressure against the reality of sluggish economies and limited capital budgets.

Other trends such as next-shoring (which is driving manufacturers to develop products closer to where they will be sold) and the need for greater flexibility (implied by consumer expectations for products on-demand and to specification) are forcing manufacturers to seek manufacturing equipment and processes that are flexible and adaptable.

How do you, as a manufacturer, address all of these changes while still focusing on your main task of getting product out the door?

Geometric has been empowering manufacturing strategies for industrial manufacturers in Land Transportation, Aerospace, Agriculture, and Earth Moving sectors for more than 5 decades. With our thirteen delivery centers located around the world, combined with our expertise in defining, designing, deploying and maintaining the processes, machines and equipment needed to activate our customers’ manufacturing strategies, Geometric is ideally positioned to be your partner of choice to enable your manufacturing engineering goals.

Concept to Commissioning
Any problems in commissioning your manufacturing facility can directly result in a delayed product launch leading to impacted customer satisfaction, loss of revenue, missed market opportunity and loss of market share. You need a partner with deep-rooted foundation in tooling…

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Operations Management
When you can’t see your manufacturing data, you can’t manage it. What you can’t manage, you can’t control. Manufacturers should seek to optimize Shop Floor Equipment Performance, conduct Production Performance Analyses and enable Preventative Maintenance Monitoring to maximize up-time…
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Product Cost Management
Product Cost Management goes well beyond just controlling your production costs. Enabling a holistic product cost management strategy begins with optimization of the product design – validation of product manufacturability and validation against LEAN principles..

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