Engineering Services

In an environment of increasing product complexity and changing growth markets, the success of global manufacturers’ cost effective innovation-led growth strategies will be defined by:

  • Their ability to control product cost leveraging productivity gains, as component costs are set to rise steeply in this decade
  • Enabling seamless interaction of reliable embedded software with hardware components, the key to the success of smart products
  • Efficient calibration of manufacturing optimization strategies to enable a smooth transition from asset-led to information-driven, is crucial to harness the immense opportunities of advancements in manufacturing processes

To maintain their competitive advantage, organizations need to execute an integrated strategy that enables continuous cost improvement across the product realization value stream, while accelerating revenue growth through innovation. Geometric is uniquely positioned to help create innovative products while maintaining productivity targets. Leveraging combined strengths in mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, electronics and engineering IT, we bring together a blend of traditional and next generation services and solutions, enabling customers to achieve productivity targets, making us the preferred partner of leading global manufacturers.

Product Engineering

Unique solutions to manage product costs effectively and transform your company to a complete 3D enterprise.

  • Localization
  • Collaborative Product Development
  • VE Analytics

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Manufacturing Engineering

Integrated solutions to help global manufacturers maximize profitability, reduce lead time and improve productivity of people, equipment, control systems and the facility itself.
  • Concept to Commissioning
  • Operations Management
  • Product Cost Management

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Embedded Electronics and Software

Blended application of the latest technologies and methodologies to help transform your products into smart and connected systems.

  • Services
  • Industries

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