Corporate Social Responsibility

social-logoAt Geometric Limited, we are committed to the UDAAN vision of giving back to the society and help Inclusive growth of deprived community. Our strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects are aimed at achieving UDAAN goals and have helped us build a reputation of being one of the most socially and environmentally responsible companies in India.
The key purpose of this policy is to:
  • Achieve positive, sustainable change in the community.
  • Utilize company assets (available skill sets and infrastructure) for the benefit of the underprivileged community.
  • Encourage voluntary efforts by employees and their families.
The policy focuses on addressing basic social, economic, environmental and economic needs of the marginalized/underprivileged sections of the society. We adopt an approach that integrates the solutions to these problems into the strategy of the company, to benefit the communities at large and deliver social and environmental impact.
Social Responsibility Policy